MRA SpoilerScreen windshield for the K1200S

mra1MRA makes a “spoilerscreen” windshield for the K1200S, but I couldn’t find any good pics of it other than the one stock photo at twisted throttle. I went ahead and ordered one, and thought I’d post something for the next person looking for info on it.

I’m 6’4″, and actually really like the stock screen. Stock, the airstream hits me mid-chest, and my head is in clean air. When it’s cold though, I wanted the airstream to hit me a little higher. However, I really don’t like the appearance of the Vario, Touring, or any of the bubble-type racing screens on the K12S. They’re too tall.

So I’m happy with the SpoilerScreen. At the corners it’s the same size & shape as stock, but across the center the screen extends a total of maybe an inch longer than stock, with a bit of a curl to it. It’s a subtle difference, and most would probably never notice unless they knew. It makes a big difference in airflow, with the main stream now hitting just below chin-level. Much better for cold weather, my neck is more sheltered. There’s also less of a ‘defined’ lower edge to the airstream, no doubt from the spoiler. I notice no buffeting, and maybe a tiny bit added noise.

If you’re really looking for lots more wind protection, get one of the taller double-bubble or touring screens. But for just a little bit less air on my neck in winter, this one works for me. I’ll swap back to stock size for summer. I like air.

Anyway, here are a few pics. The comparison shots have the MRA stock screen laying on top of the MRA SpoilerScreen.

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  1. Ray

    A very helpful write-up.

    What screen are you using now? Have you been switching back and forth between the two screens by season as you planned?

    A different issue: does the MRA “original screen” create less turbulence than that the OEM screen? I ask because the trailing edge (edge closest to rider) of the OEM screen has a curl (lip). Whereas the MRA “original screen” appears to have no curl (lip).

    I’m guessing BMW added the curl to the OEM screen to help channel rain away from the rider.

    However, I think the curl is responsible for turbulence (and air noise).

    I’m 5’9″ and thinking of getting the MRA original screen in hopes that it will generate less turbulence and noise in my helmet.


    1. Palmtreehugger

      Brilliant observation. I to suffer from wind rumble and tried the MRA Touring with and without the Xscreen. I tried the tall ZG screen and nothing helps except the MRA Touring when I sit real upright which is not sustainable. I just ordered the Puig racing screen which is similar to the original BMW screen less the lip. I hope it helps. I’m 6’1″ and if I’m in clean air the noise isn’t as bad. I never though about that damn lip but I am now. Thanks for the tip.

  2. sebastian Post author

    Hi Ray,

    I do swap them each season.

    I realized some time after writing this post that the stock screen was not the same as the lipless MRA screen above. I had thought the stock screen was the same shape, but it’s not, as you say. So I don’t have any experience with the stock screen. What I can say is that the lipless screen in the photos creates no turbulence. It’s smooth as butter, and I prefer it until the weather turns cold, and that’s when I swap the SpoilerScreen in.

  3. Sait

    Hi and thanks for the info. Looking for a windscreen and found your comment. Is it “black” or “smoke grey” in color? Thanks


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