Software Vendor Stupidity

I give you the website of CDC Software. A site that only a salesperson could love, it was clearly generated amidst a lofty cloud of smoke by repeated automated queries of the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

Now, that’s not unique, though they do elevate it to high art.

What prompted this post is the frustration I experienced when I, as an interested prospective customer, tried to research one of their products. After finding zero substance about the product on the web site, I delved into “Datasheets”, “Brochures” and “Case studies” in an attempt to maybe see a feature list or, God forbid, a screenshot. In order to see any of these documents, you must tear your arm off and give it to them (actually just fill out a lovely form telling them all about you and your company, it’s size, revenue, your level of interest, etc.).

Again, not too unique, but still a lame practice guaranteed to instill negative feelings in prospective customers. Fuck, people, if I have a genuine interest in your products, I PROMISE I’ll call you. And in this case, I might have had that interest if I could have learned anything concrete about the product. But I couldn’t:

I bent over and submitted as little information as the form would let me without going to extreme measures of disabling javascript or viewing source. The site said thanks and gave me a link to the PDF I’d clicked on. Opened it up, and it’s the same contentless content of the website.

Ok, I try another file. If you’re still with me, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that rather than show me the file, they want me to fill out the same form again. Yeah, no clever use of cookies for these intrepid software experts.

I can’t wait for the sales call that will inevitably result from my adventures.

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