Extracting recording date from captured DV clips

In trying to regain some sense of order in my home video recordings, I’ve been going through and systematically capturing and archiving some older DV tapes. Unfortunately, some of these tapes weren’t even labeled. Moreover, a tape may last a month or two in the camera, and obviously contains a number of events.

My cameras embed the recording date in the data, like most do. Why is it that Vegas has no way to use that date when capturing? It would seem a natural thing to provide an option to name clips by date, similar to the way most photo processing applications work.

Well I’ve run across a couple of options for renaming clips by date post-capture. Both are Java classes. I have yet to test either one, but here they are:

From a cursory look at both, I will need to do some coding to use either one for a convenient renaming utility.

Any better options out there?

Update 11/21:

Last night I looked around more and found DVDate, a free utility that can help with a fair number of DV-related things. I’ve now used to to rename a couple years’ worth of video files with the recording timestamp. The interface is a little funky, and it isn’t a general renaming utilty, but for my purposes it works quite well. I haven’t tried it with HDV files yet, so I don’t know if it will work once I get to my more recent footage. (See update below)

Here it is: http://paul.glagla.free.fr/dvdate_en.htm

I used DVDate to name files with the tape number, and the date and time they were recorded, like so:


I then used a second excellent utility called Flash Renamer to append a more descriptive name to the files, in bulk. I wound up with files looking something like this:

DV02-2006.12.24-14.42.22 - Christmas Eve at Mom's.avi
DV02-2006.12.24-15.21.13 - Christmas Eve at Mom's.avi
DV02-2006.12.25-08.42.22 - Christmas Morning.avi
DV02-2006.12.25-08.53.44 - Christmas Morning.avi

These all get archived with my photos by year and month & occasion on the NAS. Hooray!

Update 11/27:

Well, I can now report that DVDate sadly doesn’t handle M2T files. So after searching a little bit more, I came across another free utility called HDVSplit. It has two functions. The first is as an HDV capture utility. Using HVSplit to capture from my Canon HV30, it’s able to read the timestamps and name the clips accordingly. PERFECT, especially since I haven’t been too thrilled with Vegas’ capture components anyway.

HDVSplit’s second function is to split and rename previously-captured files based on the timecode within them. This too seems to work with the M2T files I’ve got.

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  1. stalele

    I found 3 references to DVRecordingDate on Apple’s support site and your blog, but the author link doesn’t work anymore. Do you happen to have the code saved off that you could post, or have a new link for the author? Thanks!


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