Utah Phillips Tribute Project

Utah Phillips was a storyteller and historian; a purveyor of American heritage in the form of tale and song, with a penchant for labor union history and hobo folk songs.

Like many I suspect, I became aware of him years ago through Ani DiFranco’s work with him on their Past Didn’t Go Anywhere collaboration. From there I explored more of his work and became quite fond of him as an artist and as an individual. His death last year was a particularly sad event for me, and for many others.

albumSmallWhich brings me to today’s announcement from Righteous Babe Records that a new tribute album is available, with proceeds benefiting Utah’s family.

From the project page:

Utah had been ill for some time when the project began, and unfortunately died in May of 2008. “It was a blow to lose Utah,” said Schatz. “It gave the project a wistful feeling, knowing that he would never hear the result of so much love, or hold the CDs in his own hands. We do know that he was very pleased and excited about what was going on. It meant a lot to him that his songs would continue to live for years to come.”

I’ve heard a couple of songs from this project and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the rest!

Singing Through the Hard Times, a Tribute to Utah Phillips

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