Bye CallVantage, it was a fine romance

Got a letter yesterday from AT&T, indicating that we need to start looking for another phone provider, as their CallVantage VoIP service is being shut down at some point this year.

I’m really bummed. It’s been rock-solid, with excellent quality, features, and price. It’s running over our DSL connection from a local ISP. No vendor lock-in, just a simple service works in whatever arrangement you have. No, I’m not likely to go uVerse. I already HAVE great TV and stellar internet service.

Actually, now that I mention it, my Dish service is subscribed through AT&T too. I like this arrangement because I can call AT&T, not Dish, for billing issues and support. But now I wonder if Dish doing to be the next sacrifice on the alter of the almighty uVerse.

It’s been good while it lasted. What else is out there for simple, reliable VoIP? (as in, besides Vonage?)

Update (10/13/2009): We’ve been on VoIPo for a couple of weeks now, and so far so good.

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