Alternative power adapters for the Dell Mini 10v

For home (AC adapter)

My Dell Mini 10v netbook came with a nice, lighted power adapter, but it has a problem: Though it’s quite sturdy, it’s also huge. I couldn’t find much in the way of replacement parts, until I realized that the specs of the Mini 10v’s DC requirements are the same as the Acer Apsire One. This led me to a nice replacement on Amazon, shown at left in the photos below. The right one is the OEM Dell. I bought two!



For me, they’re a huge improvement on the OEM adapter, for the following reasons:

  • The brick is little more than half the size of the Dell 3-prong wall wart. Much more packable.
  • The laptop connector is an elbow. Much better.
  • They use a standard two-pole AC cable, same as my camera chargers and macbook, so I can carry just one of these in my bag and use it on all these AC adapters.

For the Car (12v adapter)

If you need to charge the Mini in your car, I found this terrific little car charger, also made for the Acer. It works flawlessly with my Mini 10v, and allows me to charge it off my car’s or my camper’s electrical system.

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