LED Tail-light Upgrade for BMW K1200S/R

If you have a K1200S, K1200R, or K1300S/R with the original red incandescent tail-light, you can update it to a nice LED unit with a retrofit kit direct from BMW. It will set you back a couple hundred bucks, but gives you a much more conspicuous rear-end. The brake light in particular is like night and day compared to the original.

Parts list

You need to purchase one of the following two replacement BMW tail lights, and a wiring harness.

63218526958 LED Tail Light (SAE / USA, no license plate light)
63218526957 LED Tail Light (ECE / Euro, with license plate light)
61127702078 Wiring harness

Here’s a link to these parts at Max BMW in Connecticut.

That page is for an R1200R but don’t worry, they’re the same parts. The above link just lists all three in one place so I used it. If you care to search by part number on that same site you’ll find it’s listed for the K-bikes to.

If you have a US bike, most likely you want the USA version (ending in 958). The difference is that the Euro/ECE version has a license plate light built into the underside which isn’t needed for the US bike.

That said, while you’re spending money on your bike’s butt, it should be noted that there’s a tidy-tail kit available for the K1200S and K1300S which would take advantage of the built-in license plate light of the Euro version. It’s made by Wunderlich and is available here. Sit down before you look at the price.


Before you get started, I need to note that I have a lamp warning light on with the new brake light. As soon as I hit the brakes it comes on. The brake light works fine, but the dash shows the lamp out error. I have not rectified this yet.

Remove the seat and then the old tail light by removing it’s single torx screw. Unplug the three spade connectors from the light fixture and list it on ebay.

You will need to splice three wires to install the new harness. The wires match in color to the originals, so it’s just a matter of connecting them up. Any butt splice or suitable connector will work, but the harness comes with open barrel butt connectors already installed, and if you have a suitable crimper (24-30AWG open barrel should work) you’re golden. I cut off the old connectors and used used a 24 AWG crimper on the new ones, and it was a little big but worked fine. If you don’t have the required crimper, snip off the provided connectors and install your own spade or butt connectors.

The harness also comes with 3 lengths of high-quality adhesive shrink tubing. Here’s a photo of the harness installed, also showing the plug on the end.

2013-08-09 17-49-41 IMG_3845

Once the harness is wired up, plug it into the new light and slip it on, securing with the same screw. Test its operation and marvel at your new-found conspicuity!

2013-08-09 18-27-43 DSC02172 (1)

2013-08-09 18-27-55 DSC02174

2013-08-09 18-18-28 IMG_3852


While undertaking this project it’s also a perfect time to install some Hyperlites. The kit for the K-bikes is super-easy to install and the flashing brake lights are small and clean, but pack a punch.

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There are 8 replies to “LED Tail-light Upgrade for BMW K1200S/R

    1. sebastian Post author

      No, I have not bothered yet. You’re right, I’m sure I could wire in a small resistor but it hasn’t annoyed me enough yet!

      1. robert

        I have 2007 k1200s and looking to get rid of the ass light .. i had triton 2 on my other k bike but since sold it. now im stuck with this ugly thing since they discontinued. where did u buy this light and does LAMPR still on. can that issue be resolved?? looks good by the way

  1. Chris

    Hi there,
    I followed your post and successfully installed the ECE version on my ’06 K1200S . It looks amazing . Approx 5 mins after I turn on the ignition or start riding I get the LAMPR light on ( I have also noticed the brake light will no longer work once the warning appears) . I am thinking two resistors ( one for each circuit- running light and brake light) will do the trick . Any thought on that and would a 10 ohm be good enough ??? Any recommended brands , heat is also one of my concerns .

  2. Mattias

    Regarding the LMAPR warning, dont mess around with resistors, take the bike to BMW and let them resprogram the CANBUS, it is possible to do, that let’s the bike accept the lower current draw.
    This also saves the generator and free’s up more amps for other things. Connecting resistors only shuts off warning but never wanrs if the led fail as the resistor is still there and it draws the same amount as an incandescant light would.

    So re-programme and make good use of the benefits of LED.

  3. Ike

    Are there any updates on the LED taillight upgrade? I’ve been thinking about doing this and have been searching ECE vs US, to do or not to do. I know the LMAPR warning would probably bug me. Thanks.

  4. Will Smith

    Sebastian – Nice write up! I am in the middle of pimping my K1300s and wanted to know where and what model is the rear luggage rack on your K?

    Thank you sir!



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