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Review: Powerlet tank bag socket kit

The Powerlet tank bag socket kit is an all-inclusive kit to provide an external powerlet socket on a powered tank bag or other luggage. The socket itself is the same socket you’d install on any panel-mount application, but the kit also comes with a splitter for the inside of your tank bag: One side has a plug that fits the back of the socket, and the other side is a standard SAE cable to power other gadgets in your tank bag.

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Phanfare to Smugmug and…. Back Again?

Last year, after a couple of years using Phanfare to host my family photos, I closed my account and moved it all to Smugmug. I actually opened two accounts at Smugmug, one for my family media and one for this, my personal hobby site.

From the beginning, Phanfare was a great photo hosting site. Although there were some limitations, they absolutely nailed family photo hosting. Gorgeous web galleries, uncluttered by corporate branding. Comprehensive slideshow features. Clean, implicit timeline-based organization. And a cross-platform desktop client, making managing the site painless and streamlined. This is an all-important feature, because if it’s not easy, I simply don’t have time to do it.

So why the switch?

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