The Camper

saratogaAfter tent camping for years and finally swearing off sleeping on the ground, I purchased a new 2009 Fleetwood Saratoga pop-up camper (a.k.a. tent trailer).

Originally thinking I’d just pick up a primitive “tent-on-wheels” for a few bucks, as I researched models I was surprised to find a huge world of options, from the old used little thing I envisioned all the way to huge double-axle trailers with decks for ATVs. Ultimately we settled on the Saratoga. They call this model a highwall, as its box is about three feet tall, taller than a normal popup trailer. This allows for full-height counters inside, and most importantly, a larger dorm-size fridge instead of the tiny one found in most popups.

Here are some things I’ve done or found related to the trailer. Hopefully this information helps someone else.

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