Leveling the Camper (BAL Light Trailer Leveler review)

All campers ought to be leveled when you park. My tent trailer is no exception. Not only would it make me crazy to be off kilter, things like the fridge and the roof lift work best when the camper is level. You can use blocks of wood, or lego-like Lynx blocks; both are commonly seen.

But for a single axle trailer, like my Fleetwood Saratoga popup, there’s a third option, and one that I’ve quickly found to be my favorite: The BAL leveler.

This nifty device is made up of two C-shaped parts connected at the tips. It slides around your tire, and then you turn the threaded shaft to spread the leveler, thus lifting the tire (up to about six inches off the ground).

On the other side of the trailer, I use a tire chock from the same company. Aside from allowing super quick trailer setup, another bonus is that with both the BAL leveler and tire chock in use, the trailer is extremely stable. There’s very little wiggle overall as you walk around inside.

Storing the BAL Leveler

Of course, everything you bring has to have a home. In the case of the leveler, it’s not exactly small. I’ve seen some pretty inventive approaches to storing the leveler, from custom bumper mounts, to mounting on the spare, and even on the tongue. However so far I’m keeping it simple, and with a tip from the PUX forum, I picked up a 20″ pizza delivery bag from Amazon. The leveler fits perfectly inside, and then sits just inside the door of the camper. The bag protects for camper floor. It’s the first thing out and the last thing in, so this works quite well.

Because I grease the threaded shaft to lubricate it, to keep it from getting other things greasy I slip a length of 3/4″ pipe insulation over it before I place it in the bag.

The BAL chock goes into the little steel storage box under the door, along with the wrench for the leveler and the tongue jack wheel.


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