Memory foam mattress topper

We found the stock mattresses in our popup far too firm. After determining that there was a little room to spare between the mattress and the roof when closed, we purchased a 1.5″ thick memory foam mattress topper from our local Target. Their 1.5″ only came in a queen, so that’s what we got. Made in USA, and despite horror stories of chemical smells on these things, this one had none and seemed like a great value.

Queen size is a bit too small for the nearly-king bed in the camper, so we later purchased a 2″ version in a king size from Amazon and trimmed it slightly with scissors to fit the camper mattress. We moved the original to the smaller bunk for the kids to enjoy.

Either one, but especially the 2″, made an extreme difference in the comfort of the bed. Neither of us want to get out of bed now, and I no longer wake up sore like I did before we added the topper. I love the feel of the foam and we’re now considering replacing our home mattress with memory foam.

My only regret on the 2″ topper is that it doesn’t come with a cover. To keep it nice and clean we always keep a fitted sheet on the bed.


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