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Software Vendor Stupidity

I give you the website of CDC Software. A site that only a salesperson could love, it was clearly generated amidst a lofty cloud of smoke by repeated automated queries of the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

Now, that’s not unique, though they do elevate it to high art.

What prompted this post is the frustration I experienced when I, as an interested prospective customer, tried to research one of their products.

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HOWTO: Custom header for Drupal’s Minnelli theme

Drupal comes with the excellent Garland theme, which is a fluid-width theme, and additionally a theme called Minnelli, which is fixed-width version of the same theme. The Image Fortunately, it’s wonderfully easy to create a custom header image for Minnelli: Click image for actual-size JPEG.  First, create your header image. It should be 980 x […]

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Using a Dell 2007WFP Panel: 1680×1050 DVI on Linux

I ran into an issue configuring Linux (Ubuntu specifically) to use the native 1680×1050 resolution of a Dell 2007WFP widescreen monitor. So I came up with a modeline that worked, and thought I’d post it here. Following are the relevant sections my xorg.conf

BTW, I’m using the Ubuntu-provided NVidia drivers, and running a generic FX5200 card. Note that this is for the DVI input only (119mhz). Modelines for the analog input will be different. (Link to Dell’s documentation)

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Installing GhostPCL on FreeBSD

To install GhostPCL on FreeBSD, first install ghostscript. I don’t run X on my server so I used ghostscript-afpl-nox11 found in /usr/ports/print/

Next get GhostPCL, and save the bz2 file in /usr/local/src. For this article, I’m using GhostPCL 1.41, and FreeBSD 5.3.

Compiling GhostPCL on FreeBSD requires some changes to get it to go. Two of the errors you might see are as follows:

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Cleaning the Nikon Coolscan IV ED (LS-40) Film Scanner

I’ve recently been given some slides to scan, pictures from when Dana was a kid. After trying out the transparency adapter on my trusty Epson Perfection 1650, I realized that for these particular images I wanted more quality than the Epson could provide. It’s an excellent scanner, but the slide/film part is a weakness.

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